Do you already practice self-care?

Emotional self care

Reflect on what is good or bad for you, without judgement.

Express what you feel, allow yourself.

Talk to someone who understands you, be it a friend or a therapist.

Physical self-care

Get moving!

Do physical activities, play with your pet.

Organize and clean the house.

Take care of your diet and get enough sleep to rest.

Intellectual Self-Care

Talk to different people, about different subjects.

Learn new content, languages, and activities.

Teach what you learn to someone else.

Read and do activities that stimulate your thinking, concentration, memory, and creativity.

Social Self Care

Don’t isolate yourself.

Keep yourself company with those you care about.

Practice empathy and solidarity.

Spiritual Self-Care

Be grateful.


Admire nature.

Reflect on who you are, who you want to be, your beliefs and values.

Do what makes sense to you.

We believe that self-care is one of the essential aspects of meeting a person’s needs as a whole. To practice it, you need to plan for it, organize your time, and make it a priority.

Do you already practice emotional self care?

Follow our tips to achieve a better quality of life!

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