Fênix Corporate Practices

Fênix bases its cooperative governance on equal and fair treatment of all employees. Therefore, we make no distinction of gender, age group, nor do we consider individual limitations and needs for evaluating the work.

Our focus is on bringing together people with a profile that fits our culture and values, who have professional experience and qualifications, and who deliver results. Currently, we have a team of 51 people. Seventeen of them are women, and some hold positions in coordination, mentoring, and management.

We value each member of our team, because we know that because of them, with their dedication and work, it makes possible  to achieve business success.

Our company seeks excellence in the market, delivering solutions and offering the best results for our customers. To this end, we apply integrity and coherence on a daily basis in the formation of our professional and personal relationships.

Our partners and conquered customers are the reflection of our good corporate practices, which we insist on maintaining and which generate for us the possibility of having an open and favorable market.

This is our team. It is our biggest competitive advantage. This is our cooperative governance equal treatment of all employees!

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