Microsoft Dynamics
365 for Sales

Do you need smarter sales?
Identify competitive threats?
Track buyer sentiment?

Then you need Dynamics 365 for
Sales in your company!

Smart Sales and

Dynamics 365 for Sales goes beyond sales force automation to grow your business

Dynamics 365 for Sales -
solutions that
fits your business

With Dynamics 365 for Sales,
you will have:

• Real-time dashboards for salespeople and leaders,
so the entire sales team knows which metrics to focus on and can take coordinated actions toward specific organizational goals;

• A holistic view of customer interaction history,
so sellers have the context and knowledge to personalize each interaction with buyers;

• Salespeople will get guidance for optimal
results. Directly in the sales records they are working on, salespeople see the specific steps needed to move the business forward;

• Sales features are incorporated into familiar tools,
such as Office 365, where salespeople already work. For example, salespeople can create a new lead or view sales data on contacts and leads from Dynamics 365 while working in Outlook;

• It helps salespeople collaborate on sales documents
and stay connected to business conversations. You can even collaborate with customers or colleagues from other functions, while maintaining full control over the data;

• Reduce costs and end the complexity associated with
hardware and software management with Microsoft’s
Azure cloud platform.

All these views, functionalities can run on mobile devices of different formats, we configure once and deploy anywhere.

Microsoft Relationship Sales
Dynamics 365 Sales Entreprise + Linkedin Sales Navigator

Qualify your salespeople to cultivate relationships with the right buyers!

Use recommendations and insights based on real customer needs and move business forward by joining the power of Dynamics 365 for Sales with Linkedin Sales Navigator.

The two products together help salespeople identify leads and suggest ways to connect with them.

With over 575 million professionals on Linkedin, salespeople can easily find and connect with decision makers and influencers.

“Nucleus Research expects customers using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 for Sales to experience a 15% increase in sales productivity.”

Gather relationship data and stand out with insights that generate actions.

A solution that brings together disparate data – from CRM with Dynamics 365 for Sales, productivity and email with Microsoft 365, and social media with Linkedin Sales Navigator – to unify the sales experience around relationships.

Microsoft Relationship Sales combines the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 for Sales to unify the salesperson experience and enable salespeople to focus on building and maintaining personalized 1:1 relationships. With customer-facing insights, salespeople can deliver at scale the authentic, personal engagement that today’s buyers require. The solution not only brings together disparate data across transactional systems, productivity systems, and social networks, but also provides original insights for sellers to explore when interacting with their

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights


Take your sales to the next level with AI-driven insights.

In this way you will have the possibility to:

• Enable your salespeople to build relationships and increase revenue with Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales. Provide useful insights to drive personalized engagement and proactive decision making.

• Make data-driven decisions with out-of-the-box AI-enabled intelligence that turns data into insights and insights into action.

• Take advantage of AI-driven insights to make better decisions and increase customer satisfaction proactively and with confidence.

• Easily identify emerging customer needs that can help you grow your business. Stay ahead of the market with insights derived from mentions of the competition.

• Increase conversion rates and earnings using machine learning to prioritize leads and opportunities that are most likely to convert and buy.

Artificial Intelligence can help you move fast and stand out from the competition!!!!

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