How can the outdated financial management system affect the health of your company?

The outdated and defragmented financial management system entails several problems, such as data secrecy, inaccurate reports, and the consequent impossibility of preventive adaptations.

At the same time, there are digital threats that increase risk and compromise customer experience and revenue.

Therefore, you need to focus on adopting management that is secure, flexible, and adaptable, driving business growth.

Any organization can get support on Microsoft systems, through the customizable tools that are available in them.

Technological innovation is presented in a cohesive and extensive interaction, with the possibility of using SaaS applications (Software as a Service), the productivity package with Microsoft 365, LinkedIn, and Dynamics 365.

Fênix deploys Dynamics 365 Business Central projects, aiming to provide managers with more control of business procedures.

This system optimizes internal operations, enabling the business expansion, cost reduction, and increased profit margin. And he also collaborates for better results for customers.

Deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central enables:

  • The fastest move to the cloud;
  • Increased financial visibility;
  • Increased productivity and business vision;
  • The intensification of sales;
  • The optimization of customer service;
  • Meeting deadlines without breaking the budget;
  • Effective control of inventory and supply management.

Does the outdated financial management system affect the health of your company?

Simplify your operations, achieve better results, and watch your business take off.

Talk to Fênix and learn how we can help you with this!

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