Shipment Management

A vertical solution integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to perform the planning, scheduling, and control of the teams that embark and disembark from the platforms, having as final product the generation of the payroll considering the particularities existing in each work category.

The module provides a significant organizational increase and reduction of work for the company

The Shipment Control Management module allows the company to control the employee schedule, ensuring the maximum use of each company resource. In it you schedule the shipments, select the team taking into consideration the particularities of each work area, manage the shipment times, and at the end of each month generate the payroll for each company resource. All the activity history is registered in the module, enabling a vast power of analysis and indicators.

With the existing interface platform, it is possible to integrate the Shipment Control Management module with any payroll system, this tool provides the company with greater organizational control, uniting the operations area with the company’s HR.


• Employment Contract Management: Base Salary, Additional % for days embarked, Additional % for free days, Additional % for worked free days, % Risk Premium, among others;

• Register of existing qualifications in each Work Contract, according to each professional categories’ particularities;

• ontrol of special situations such vacations, training and courses, mandatory exams and medical licenses;

• Register of Types of Services, their Descriptions, monthly Initial and Final Dates, Number of Embarked Days and Proportional Number of Embarked Days (e.g., Diving, Climbing, ROV, etc.);

• Control of specific Payments to each area: e.g., IDO (Indenização por Desgaste Orgânico), Productivity, Security Premium (for not losing equipment), Team Productivity;

• Register of employee information such as Name, Position, Extension Line (among other), as well as Qualifications Period of Validity, Employee Special Situations, Embarking information, Bonus/Vouchers, etc;

• History of all Embarking and Disembarking processes;
Integration of the Allowance functionality with Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s Receivables;

• Qualification/Certification Validity Control: prevents the Company from being fined by the contracting party.

• Control of Embarking periods, taking into account Union/Class regulations;

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