Microsoft Dynamics 365
for Customer Service

Dynamics 365 for
Customer Service

With Customer Service, you will execute customer service in a fast and personalized way.

Increase your customer loyalty and retention!

With Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you will:

• Provide personalized service to your customers;

• Provide the right answers at the right time!

• Proactively address problems. Monitor customer intention, feelings and behavior patterns;

• Enable your workforce to make smart decisions and provide consistent service;

• Access customer data anywhere using gadgets regardless the day time.

With the features of Dynamics 365
Customer Service, you can:

• Track customer requests through Occurrences;

• Perform support incident management, through:
    -Creating queues and forwarding events to the correct channels;
    -Service level creation and tracking through service level agreements (SLAs);
    -Prioritization of Occurrences.

• Automate assignments of Occurrences based on customer type, activities, and product type among a wide range of other factors;

• Easily manage occurrences by attendant or team with custom displays and dashboards;

• Manage and share information in the knowledge base;

• Define terms of service through entitlements:
    -Entitlements are like contracts that tell you what kind of support a customer qualifies for service;
    -You can see whether support terms are based on the number of occurrences, support channel or hours, or based on the product or service the customer has purchased;

• Manage performance and productivity through interactive reports and dashboards;

• Create and schedule services;

• CCreate Workflows and service business processes.

• Integrate Office and Office 365 (Outlook, OneNote, Sharepoint, Teams, Excel, and Word);

• Mobile Applications

• Artificial Inteligence

    -Suggestion of similar cases;
    -Knowledge base article recommendation;
    -Search for relevance in knowledge base articles;

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