What are the main Microsoft tools that Fênix uses and how do Dynamics 365 solutions help us on a daily basis?

We use the solutions to optimize our work rather than offering, deploying, and supporting our customers through the tools that Microsoft makes available.

And always deliver the best experiences and results to our customers.

In our work routine, Financial Management, Accounting, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Sales, Purchasing, and Reimbursements, for example, we count on the efficiency of:


In our routine tasks, we use Dynamics 365 Business Central to do our invoicing, and purchases, organize reimbursements, and schedule accounts payable.

As well as checking accounts receivable, and bank reconciliation, among other features necessary for good management and financial health of the company.


Dynamics 365 Sales, an intuitive tool integrated into our daily routine, allows us to have a holistic view of the customer interaction history through real-time dashboards.

This helps managers and salespeople to have the context and knowledge to personalize each interaction.

And with that history in the sales records, we’re working on, salespeople can see the specific steps needed to move the deal forward.

Customer Service and Field Service

In addition, we create functional projects and deploy Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Field Service for better agility in the demands, tasks, returns, and sales inside and outside the company.

We are living proof that using complete tools with optimized technology and functionality, will not only make your company grow but also always offer the best service and results to your customers.

Much more than offering business management solutions, we use in all sectors of Fênix Sistemas & Consultoria to be able to offer 100% excellence and functionalities and turn this into results for our customers.

Talk to someone who understands and has proven experience to help you implement business management solutions the right way!

Enter 2023 on the right foot.

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