ERP market trends still for 2022 and 2023

ERP market trends for 2023!

Anyone who has witnessed the great changes that business management has undergone in the last few years will understand perfectly what we are talking about.

Technology, methodology, and the ease of managing businesses and people have helped many companies make great strides. 

And the tools that exist in the market today continue to facilitate and help more every day to solve the pains of the current market and will certainly help a lot in the near future.

Speaking of technology and tools, we cannot fail to mention Microsoft software.

Microsoft ERP and CRM systems such as Dynamics 356 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Sales are number 1 on market trends list of tools to improve management and optimize processes to help your business growth.

With this, we have separated 4 needs that are already the future of business and that will guarantee your company’s growth and profit from now on:

1. Monitoring the company through the cell phone

We already realize that the cell phone is no longer just a phone call device.

It is now a tool and a work necessity for the vast majority.

Offering the freedom and quick access to your company’s information, campaigns, data monitoring, and reports in a few seconds.

For instance, using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can simply open the application and keep an eye on everything from the sales volume to the stock flow and the incoming and outgoing cash.

The main advantages are:

  • Ease of access to key business data, especially when away from the company;
  • Agility in identifying problems;
  • Possibility to bring “the brain of the company” to relevant meetings and visits to customers. 

2. Data in the cloud

You no longer need to be tied down or dependent on a computer to have access to all your documents.

Azure, Microsoft’s cloud storage system, does something very important for your business:

It puts all your company’s information in a secure online environment that can be accessed from different devices.

Besides making it easier to access your system, documents, and important data, using the cloud as a keeper of your data will reduce costs with physical space and machines.

Main advantages

  • Data stored in a secure environment;
  • End the risk of data loss due to physical problems on computers and local servers; 
  • Multi-platform access (can be done via cell phone, tablet, desktop or notebook);
  • Reduced costs with physical storage and printing of documents;
  • It eliminates expenses with a more robust infrastructure, such as powerful computers and IT staff. 

3. Real-time management, tracking and data

The great advantage of Business Central is the access to data and reports in real time. 

Thus, offering the right time for decision makers to act.

With a functional, interactive dashboard to analyze data and reports, your company will come out ahead when it comes to deciding on changes.

And even understanding customer trends and consumption behavior.

Main advantages

  • More assertive decision making by being based on data;
  • Functional dashboards to better understand the market, business challenges, and overall performance;
  • Numbers allow for important reflections, such as reducing product volume in orders with suppliers, making staff changes based on performance, etc;

4. Deliver exceptional customer service

Integration with a CRM system helps you organize and manage your customers. 

It efficiently assigns teams to work orders to get an overview of service tasks and workloads.

The main benefit is improvement in the processes involving customers and, of course, an end to simple mistakes.

Such as trying the same sales approach twice in a row with the same person because the system is out of date. 


  • Centralized information;
  • Less rework and data loss;
  • More satisfied customers, lower risks of service failures;
  • Cost reduction, because in some situations, certain errors can generate losses, such as scheduling a service at a different time than the one requested by the customer.

Having these advantages in your business in 2023 will help you scale and manage effectively with the ERP market trends!

Fênix is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has Microsoft-certified experts to help you build this new journey in 2023.

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