Diversity, education and team spirit are part of Fênix’s essence

During these 20 years of experience and much work, we at Fênix have learned that the greatest joy is being able to share achievements.

And that our commitment to everyone in the company reflects a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. 

We have an internal duty to treat all our employees fairly, thus providing gender equity.

We have a linear leadership approach, so that our employees have direct access to all managers in the company. And in this way, encourage interaction and open dialogue among all. 

We always encourage our teams to clarify their doubts, so that everyone feels part of the team, productive, and welcome.

Speaking of productivity, we remember professional development, which is a great pillar of our company. We at Fênix believe that education is the basis for healthy and collaborative changes. saudáveis e colaborativas. 

Among our incentives, we have the Education Grant Program, which motivates our employees to continue studying and to always seek new professional challenges. 

Moreover, our program includes incentives for the study of languages, university and MBA aid, as well as specialization courses.

In addition, Fênix provides training courses to enable our employees to learn about the Microsoft Dynamics universe, with the goal of becoming Consultants.

We seek to provide and maintain a respectful, healthy, safe, and harmonious professional environment so that everyone feels well and productive.  

We prioritize the balance between personal and professional lives, and equal treatment.

Our employees are the basis of our success and certainly our competitive advantage in the market.

We keep our Goals Policy clear and shared with all employees, fulfilling our duty of transparency and collectivity and always work as a team to achieve our goals, so that everyone receives a share in the profits.

Besides we encourage and celebrate every achievement of our employees. Whether they are project goals, new sales achieved, personal and/or team achievements.

To contribute to a pleasant and relaxed professional environment, we organize internal social events to have the greatest joy at work.

We always thank you for another year of accomplishments and renew our partnership votes.

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